I am excited to serve you, your family and your business with the best real estate experience. With my network of agents and our vast variety of listings, I will help you find your dream real estate both domestic and international! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


We are Offering The Best Real Estate Property For All

We can secure your new home in various cities! Purchases or listings of your real estate servicing New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii, Detroit, Memphis and more!


Why Sheila Washington Real Estate

Are you looking for residential or commercial real estate abroad? I can help you find your next home oversees? 

Our Clients

This is what our client are saying
Alex G
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Sheila is amazing! She connected me with an agent that help me find a perfect home for our family!
Ray T
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Sheila was on it! Navigating to find and buy a home can be a lot! I was so happy with Sheila’s help! Super grateful - thank you!
John E
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I made the mistake once of not working a with agent! Now, I don’t think twice. I call Sheila and she finds me who I need to work with in each market -as an investor this is invaluable!



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